CloutContracts Startup Tech Call

Acceleration/ Incubation program
-140 day left

Problem statement & Solution needed

CloutContracts is a high speed rollup layer on top of Ethereum that targets social influencers through a variety of decentralized social media networks and configurations. Currently, we are focused on expansion across a variety of areas as well. We are looking for open Banking, fintech and micro-social networks or communities interested on launching or building on CloutContracts.

Type of challenge

Partnership Challenge: Acceleration/ Incubation program

Timeline – Application Deadline

-140 day left • Deadline: Sep 09, 2021

How you match

Solution criteria provided by challenge poster.

1. Activities of interest

  • Open Banking
  • FinTech
  • Social trading
  • Smart contracts

2. Business model

    3. Technologies of interest

    • Blockchain

    4. Geographical activity

      5. Size - Nª of employees

      • 1 - 10
      • 11 - 50

      6. Funding stage

        Additional comments

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