Reward Program for Mortgages Customers:

Partnership challenge
United States, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, European Union, North Europe, Southeast Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe

Problem statement & Solution needed

Who are we at We are mortgage experts for the Spanish market, our value proposal is to make buying a house an easier, more human and personal experience. What do we want to solve? We want to increase the recommendations by our clients in the phases prior to the contracting process (when the clients are in the process exploring options) and after the client completes the process of opening and signing the mortgage (they have bought the property with In the initial phase, the client is not familiar with us and therefore it is difficult to obtain a recommendation/positive review from them. During the later phases, the contact begins to cool down and what we want to achieve is to increase the valuable interaction between ourselves and the client. Once clients try the user experience of our service, they are delighted, which seems to us a very powerful message to recommend and spread to their friends and family. What do we expect? We would like to explore new options/trends for digital experiences, with the aim of increasing our recommendation rate by our customers. Especially during the initial phase of "Discovery and consideration", but also during "Retention and loyalty" phase, where we accompany them throughout the decision process and purchase of their first home. How do we want to achieve it? Using Gamification solutions with a specific objective related to the purchase of their first home or through a Rewards/Loyalty Program. Everything that is related to interactions, challenges, contests in a digital environment - be it communication tools such as Whatsapp and/or social networks. However, we are also open to review proposals that are out of the ordinary scope.

Type of challenge

Partnership challenge

Timeline – Application Deadline

Expired • Deadline: Jun 15, 2022

How you match

Solution criteria provided by challenge poster.

1. Activities of interest

  • Mortgage Lending
  • PropTech
  • FinTech

2. Business model

  • B2C

3. Technologies of interest

  • APIs

4. Geographical activity

  • United States
  • Central Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • European Union
  • North Europe
  • Southeast Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Western Europe

5. Size - Nª of employees

    6. Funding stage

    • Serie D Funding
    • Series +E Funding
    • Acquired
    • Corporate initiative

    Additional comments

    Benefits for the chosen startup: - Possible partnership resulting in a significant volume of business. - Possibility of becoming a regular supplier of the company. - Explore new ways to help our customers buy and finance their home . Please in the pitch/cover letter attach the proposed solution you want to share with us in order for the application to be evaluated.